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The development of intelligent sensor is an important measure of international competitiveness

Time:2017-08-02 Views:190
On December 2, global sensor and intelligent development peak BBS was held in Beijing. The meeting by the institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences, China electronics technology group co., LTD., iot research and development center, Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing e-town international investment development co., LTD., China‘s Internet industry alliance, mobile silicon valley iot industry alliance, xinhua media research institute and other units in the future. 
The meeting was chaired by Chen dapeng, deputy director of the microelectronics institute of the Chinese academy of sciences and deputy director of the Internet of things research and development center of the Chinese academy of sciences. As an important nerve antenna in the information industry, sensors are an important technological basis for new technological revolution and information society and are widely used in all walks of life, he said. The development of intelligent sensor based on microelectromechanical systems has become an important symbol of whether a country has an international competitive advantage. 
Iot, director of the institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, director of research and development center, national science and technology major projects overall team leaves sweet spring to attend the meeting and made the opening speech, he put forward the current era are moving in the era of "perception", sensors such as the digital chip demand will present explosive growth. Global intelligent sensor industry is entering to the grave adjustment of historic change and evolution of technology and market growth change, will drive the sensor industry chain and industry ecology pattern of major changes and adjustments. 
District party committee, deputy secretary of the Beijing‘s daxing district deputy district, vice secretary of Beijing economic and technological development zone committee, director of Liang Sheng to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, he referred to, hope that through this peak BBS such a platform of "industry-university-institute" cooperation, and all aspects of the industry experts, leadership, corporate executives and leaders, the outlook for the global sensor, the development trend of China‘s Internet of things application field in the future, to discuss China‘s iot, sensors, present and future of industrial development. 
Ministry of electronic industry development research center, chief engineer, China‘s electronic components industry association member, sensitive element and sensor branch of science and vice director of Guo Yuansheng said in his speech, the sensor technology is the key technology of modern information technology and intelligent technology pilot, the purpose of this BBS is to discuss the current development status of smart sensors, understand technical bottleneck of the development of sensor technology, in order to realize the curve for the future development of sensor technology overtaking. 
The meeting also held a ceremony of the Chinese iot industry alliance, and more than two dozen directors and members of the alliance participated in the award. Beijing e-town mobile silicon valley and the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microelectronics co., strategic cooperation signing ceremony is held in the meeting, both sides signed in integrated circuit IP resource sharing, integrated circuit design, Internet of things industry integration, project incubation introduction, talents training and other aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation. Meeting held during the same period the Internet of things application exhibition, products of participants around the sensors, sensor research and development and manufacturing, the application of communication, sensor technology development trends, explore cooperation opportunities. 
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