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Post-car market chain 6 development trend

Time:2017-07-21 Views:292
Trend 1: the online platform of the auto supply chain will be a "cloud platform" for the product of quality products, high quality service providers and quality customers. 
In the future, the automobile supply chain, in the product resources, in addition to its own original brand manufacturers, can also gather around the country of quality suppliers. 
On the ground service providers, in addition to the expansion of self-owned stores and franchisees, we can integrate excellent car supply service providers across the country to meet the needs of customers throughout the country. 
In the member, through the micro mall good products and construction services, form word of mouth spread, accumulate members; Meanwhile, we can use coupons, vouchers, extended insurance and other marketing methods to improve the customer‘s stickiness to the micro-shopping mall. Such as "evaluation" can only be obtained after purchase coupons, which can make consumers aware of coupons hard-won, and limited to the deductible amount of goods, the next time you shopping to promote secondary consumption. 
Trend 2: "online purchase + offline service" shopping mode will become the absolute mainstream 
It is hard to imagine the consequences of using the online and offline splitting of the car chain. Imagine a car owner in a mall you purchased the product quality and cheap car, but grab an inn to installation, the installation is not good, the owner can only blame your product, brand image of the chain will be affected. 
So, the future car body shop is advisable to provide "online purchase + offline services" shopping mode: the customer orders to buy or make an appointment in the mall of automobile products supporting the installation, and then through the mall LBS location quickly find nearby chain, past experience goods, experience the feel good on-site installation, bad return on the spot. In other words, the chain has become a closely connected "experience store + construction shop", while addressing customers‘ concerns about product quality and installation. 
Trend 3: the expansion of the construction shop will not be limited to self-operated stores and franchisees. The national automobile supplies service stores can be quickly copied into the construction shop 
Construction shops cover all parts of the country to better meet the needs of customers. But it is hard to achieve this by relying on chains to expand new stores. The best way to do this is to introduce and sign up excellent auto repair shops, car beauty shops and automobile supply stores all over the country. Of course, these service providers do not participate in the product sales of micro-malls, only provide construction services. 
For this, the platform must also build a cooperation plan. The platform‘s responsibility is to bring new customers to the construction store and distribute the profits to offline service stores. Construction of workflow is, when the customer chose it as the construction shop, the shop of the background management will be immediately notified, headquarters will wait until the goods delivery to the construction, construction shop call customers booking time installation. Such a scheme of division of work is clear, can quickly copy, expand. 
Trend 4: customers can purchase "4S accessories + 4S service" at the price of counterfeit goods and ordinary car repair shops. 
Large auto supplies chain can directly from the car brand and form a complete set of accessories manufacturers take the goods at a lower price, plus you can through the micro mall platform to attract the suppliers of high quality and low price, the integration of the construction of stores are also after the screening, construction costs plain code marks a price, unified standard construction process. It is not impossible to get customers to buy the products and services of 4S stores with the price of counterfeit and ordinary car repair shops in this way. 
Trend 5: "decentralization" of products and services "decentralization" and buying and distribution 
In the past, consumers need to rely on their own judgment to distinguish inferior products from their own judgment. But in the future, consumers will only be getting lazy. Who wants to go to a big, mixed market? What they need more is a unified, standardized and transparent authentic accessories online sales platform, which can give their professional shopping guidelines and perfect offline service providers for their choice. That is why future car products and services must be centralised. 
So why is the future of shopping and communication going to be decentralized? That is because, in the era of socialization, each individual is a self-centered "self-media" and has absolute voice and influence in his own circles. In addition, the shopping form of users has become more mobile and fragmented, and shopping will become more and more in the future through the sharing of others. And for micro mall, now flow is more and more expensive, completely rely on oneself to make the flow unrealistic. 
You can recommend car friends by car friends, base on hobbies and circles, and easily expand the customer base and realize the transaction quickly. As there are a lot of auto supplies stores use "multi-level commission", let the customer through the circle of friends, QQ, weibo and so on to promote their store home page, product pages, someone clicks or purchase, the owner can get commission. The commission can buy the goods of the mall directly, and the car owners are willing to pay for it. It is not hard to see that the spread of "de-centralization" and shopping in the social form have gradually become popular. 
Trend 6: the retention of products and service providers is determined by customers 
In the future, car chains will focus on users and make decisions about products and services in the hands of customers. Micro for construction of the shop, the mall will only to move into the qualifications of the service provider, sites such as strict audit, become after signing stores, handing the user the option, according to user‘s opinion evolution. The products are also reviewed and graded by customers, and the platform introduces better products. 
In fact, more than six big trend is not high, most people would be put aside, but some auto chain smacks the value of the future, and use the Micronet micro network "chain stores O2O + commission + API" multi-level points mode, will be the future trend in advance into reality. 
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