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We will deepen reform to create new conditions for the transformation and upgrading of the mold manufacturing industry

Time:2017-08-02 Views:230
Thirty-eight years of reform and opening up have made our country grow into the world‘s mold manufacturing power. The transition to the mould manufacturing power is bound to undergo a difficult and complex battle. Current situation, to promote transformation and upgrading of die and mould industry in our country, must further implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18, we will accelerate reform of the key areas and crucial links, and strive to optimize the development environment. 
To solve these problems fundamentally, the key is unswervingly deepening reform and opening up. We will take the initiative to adapt to the changes in the environment, focus on the core of handling good government and market relations, further unleash the dividends of reform and opening up, and create new conditions for the transformation and upgrading of the mold manufacturing industry. 
We will give full play to the decisive role of market allocation resources and unleash the vitality of industrial development. Optimizing resource allocation by market competition is the general rule of market economy. The transformation and upgrading of the mould manufacturing industry should follow this rule, and in accordance with the inherent requirements of the socialist market economic system, it will make the market‘s invisible hand play a decisive role. Improve the price formation mechanism, mainly determined by factors of production and market price of the product, guide elements such as labor, land, capital, resources flow and industrial production activities, improve industrial input-output efficiency. Improve the market supply and demand mechanism, and guide enterprises according to the market demand determine investment and form a reasonable capacity, guide consumers rising consumption level and effective market demand, promote the industrial manufactured goods supply and the demand for dynamic balance. Improve the market competition mechanism, promoting the orderly opening of monopoly industries, encourage the competitive industries to carry out proper competition, and constantly enhance the vitality of enterprise development, the industry average profit margins tend to be more reasonable, to realize the economic, social and ecological benefits unifies. Improve the market exit mechanism, build "fresh and smooth, smooth return," industrial ecological environment, through the regeneration and exit channels of marketization of enterprises, make enterprises and become the norm, play the market mechanism in the backward production capacity, enterprise merger and reorganization, dissolve the role of excess production capacity, improve the quality and efficiency of industry development. 
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