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Contact:Mr Cai
Address:Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World, Building 1, 1st Floor, Room 10C007-10C010

Company profile

Since its establishment in 2008, Shenzhen Baiyi Electronic Business Department has been cooperating closely with major factories and receiving strong support from major factories so that we have a good channel of incoming goods, the best quality assurance and the fastest delivery Cycle, the best price. And often have a large stock of stock, is a strong supplier of spot channels.
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Acting sales of the brand: JD (crystal lead micro), ST (first Branch), KF (Co-Fan Semiconductor) full range of transistor. Main: Ze tube, MOS tube, TVS tube, fast recovery tube, Schottky tube, switch, rectifier, transistor ... ... and so on. According to the special type of customer orders directly to the factory, with efficient delivery guarantee! Improve after-sales service.
The company is located in:
Bai Yi Electronics with a good reputation and quality of service has won a wide range of contacts and reputation, and promote the overall performance of the company continued to grow. Satisfying customer needs is our long-term goal of relentless pursuit.
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