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Analysis of the trend of post-car market change in the new situation

Time:2017-07-21 Views:297
2014 market environment facing the domestic auto market is extremely complex, as a whole should be more optimistic, especially after the car market, there will be a bigger, faster development, keeping in car production and sales of 22 million vehicles, all aspects of domestic car market is the foundation of a major, especially for development after the car market is of great significance. All kinds of uncertainty factors are significant impact on domestic car market, at present the relevant policies and information, will be after the car market to the front desk, 2014 for car sales market, challenge is greater than the opportunity, the more opportunities than challenges for auto after market, at present the change and development of domestic car market for auto sales market and automobile consumption market, provides the innovation and development of new opportunities, worthy of attention and research. 
I. analysis of the basic situation of the market after the domestic automobile 
(I) the market conditions of the post-car market in China 
1, the domestic automobile capacity has sold about 22 million cars, car ownership has reached 140 million, which has nearly 100 million cars in private, after China‘s auto market in 2013 total scale has reached 600 billion yuan, China‘s auto supplies sales in the market scale has reached 1.68 trillion yuan, all of these are not better than, other countries. 
2. The domestic automobile market is undergoing three historic stages, the first stage, the automobile marketing era, to purchase the car as the main characteristics; In the second stage, automobile consumption era is mainly characterized by automobile replacement and refitting. In the third stage, some large cities have not only entered the automobile society, but also entered the automobile life era, which is characterized by the highly developed market of the automobile aftermarket. 
3. At present, the domestic automobile market is showing the new trend of development and change. One is that the market of automobile sales is strong, and the two are weak. Second, centralised trading is becoming the mainstream trend in the market of automobile sales and automobile distribution. This is especially true in the post-car market. Thirdly, the post-car market is going to the front desk, which will affect the major changes and development of the domestic automobile market in the future. Fourth, brands, branded products and markets and their services will determine the future. 
(ii) the contradiction between the market and the market for automobile sales in the post-automobile market is more prominent: 
(1) after the national automobile, the market is still in the early stage of development, and the market competition is too fierce. 
(2), after the serious differentiation between market characteristics and the general market, the domestic emerged a group of similar to Moore Jin Hengde and other large international and chengdu, with distinctive features of modern market, at the same time, most of the market is still in the large conveniently small state. 
(3), in the domestic car sales, used cars, auto parts, automotive supplies, rendering set trading under the big situation, mutual fusion line management becomes more and more important, together forming the trend of the upgrade. 
(4), car market after the brand, and form a brand sales company, will determine the car after market development level, scale, benefit, as well as abroad, to develop trade in services at home and abroad, thus forming two brands, to bring up a batch of famous brand market after the company. 
(5), large is too small or large group company, after the car market competitiveness, and after the car market is one of the important reasons of slow development, innovative ideas to promote competition, and promote merger and reorganization, formed a group of large group co., LTD. Is a priority as soon as possible. 
(6), because of the domestic auto market is the transformed resources to service market, the auto market appeared a batch of automotive business combination or the urban context, the automobile market are from the professional market to the excessive social market, is essential to the auto supplies auto parts market. 
(7), after the car market vigorously promote e-commerce, the popularization of the Internet, widely use of the Internet, is the only way for auto after market bigger and stronger, in addition, there is no other path can be implemented to do strongly does. The post-car market industry must be highly regarded. 
(8), rely on the relevant government agencies, relying on industry organization, try to go out and find and do platform, contact channels, fosters the talent, is an important subject after the car market, is also the only way for domestic and international trade in services. 
In a word, the market of automobile aftermarket realizes the characteristic market, differentiates the operation, widely applies the electronic commerce and the Internet is the key that the market does big after the automobile. 
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