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After the car, market innovation: efficiency is the absolute principle

Time:2017-07-21 Views:288
The most valuable thing is to find a good spot 
It is known that the whole vehicle is a bone in the back market. Tens of thousands of sku Numbers, the speed of update iterations, the complexity of the car years, etc., have created a lot of obstacles for entrepreneurs. For the upstream supply chain, turnover is difficult. According to statistics, the inventory of the unmarketable goods of the accessory dealers is up to 40%, which leads to the low turnover rate and the surge in the price of accessories. For the downstream, besides reducing the purchase cost, the downstream users are scattered, lack of supply platform, long logistics cycle, etc. The problem boils down to "efficiency". So the pain point is the urgent need to improve the turnover rate and the efficiency of downstream users. 
First of all, the process of development must be light to heavy by buying the relatively high frequency of products and gathering the downstream users. It is not possible to build storage and logistics in the first place, increasing the cost of operation and making the transition difficult. The offline support for efficiency is an off-line auto-repair shop that expands in the form of an asset managed franchise, creating a small number of image stores and exporting "talent + management + SaaS" to the franchisee. Now the whole industry‘s thinking seems to be getting clearer and clearer. Offline is one of the business of every dispute, and the ability to fall to the ground determines the success and failure of the project, and the deeper meaning is: 
A. through the expansion of offline services, will produce A great impetus to the supply chain development and effect, when you have 10, 100 stores, may not have too big effect, when you have several hundred stores that will be A greater degree of control downstream of the supply chain procurement side, and have enough car-scrapping say; 
B. offline services also have important functions such as warehousing, offline store is also as the preferred scheme of virtual operation center, it may be in the middle of the supply chain logistics, warehousing and other links play an important role, can service on nearby upstream suppliers, next to the downstream users to provide more convenient service, so as to improve the overall operating efficiency, and even solve the "last one kilometer", to improve the quality of service. 
Second, share the linkage between upstream accessories business functions, such as user in Beijing to buy a commodity, tianjin 1200 yuan, 900 yuan in shenyang, then buyer, shipment from tianjin to Beijing by shenyang again to tianjin replenishment, two component supplier to a reasonable profit distribution, and fully mobilize the peripheral accessories business between the parts of circulation. 
Then it will also reflect the value: to increase the turnover rate of about 30% for the upstream, save 20% of the purchase cost for downstream users, and greatly improve the efficiency. 
2. The model can lead half a step, and efficiency must be 10 steps ahead 
In 2015, attracted by the size of the trillion-level market, capital kept pouring in and spawned a variety of Internet business models. Many entrepreneurs are waging a business model of PK, in the name of "upending the tradition". 
But even if the model is more advanced and eye-catching, how difficult is "disruption"? The tradition has gone through decades of development, has infiltrated every one of us around, and the traditional mode has the barrier height, how can it be easily overturned because of a pattern? Finding pain doesn‘t necessarily leverage the industry. I think that entrepreneurs in any industry, before "subversion", should be in awe of the traditional model, have a learning mindset, and have the courage to catch up. 
In addition to the capital market turmoil, the market business model of the untimely and untimely automobile has also been a wake-up call for everyone. Such business models seem to have something in common, such as the fact that many are getting their clients through subsidies, and when the money chain is broken, they are killed. Or blind investment intentions to create "barriers" to construct a logistics system with high operating costs, from the last straw seems to have how far, that is to say, haven‘t had time to play "barriers" of absolute advantage, died on the way. So when the pattern is not clear, profit way is not clear, even a few years the development strategy of the absence of a clear, after the power is blindly will only accelerate market update speed of iteration. 
A really good model is one that can improve efficiency, which means that if you do it properly, you will have less trouble. If the pattern goes wrong, it can only be a struggle. The pattern determines the product‘s good and bad. The pattern determines the high and low efficiency of the product, so it is better to pursue a pragmatic, pragmatic approach rather than to pursue the fantasy perfection. The post-car market must not be an overnight revolution, but a process that requires deep farming. Spend a little more time studying the model and "trial and error" at the smallest cost. It is the most effective way to look for a model that works best. 
In the post-car market, it is more efficient to go from high frequency to low frequency, from light to heavy. Although the unit price and threshold of high frequency products are relatively low, it is natural and easy to compare the construction process of the system with high frequency products to the downstream users. At this point, we will strengthen the offline support, establish the "virtual operation center" through the franchised store, assume the local service of logistics warehousing and other functions, and improve the efficiency of upstream and downstream circulation. 
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