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Automobile cosmetology, who can laugh?

Time:2017-07-21 Views:303
Since O2O boom coming later, after the car market is highly capital concern, from second-hand car trading, washing the car door and car maintenance to vehicles, such as financial, countless entrepreneurs and investors to rush to the trillions of market. The great opportunity comes with more unreason, and the market is increasingly competitive in the vertical area of each car. 
Wanted to talk to you today the whole auto beauty, maintenance, maintenance of market, the market profit after the entire car market the largest, but at the same time, this area is also the most intense competition in the market after the car a field, and who could ultimately thrive? 
1. Vertical media 
As the domestic first poured into the automobile trading market of automobile vertical media is unlikely to pass this fat after the car market, so the car home introduced a family of subsidy, easily Shared launched car butler... 
1, for automobile vertical media, they are in this field for many years to provide users with car information, guides and other services, for auto dealers and the entire automotive industry including vehicles, such as consumers know very well. They also have a deep understanding of the market segment of the post-car market, which will be very handy for them to build a post-car market platform. 
2. The vertical media has been deeply rooted in the car market for many years, and has accumulated a large number of automobile dealers and service providers, which have laid a deep foundation for their car maintenance services. Many into the O2O platform at first in the field of automobile maintenance must be to push through a large number of researchers to put together the promotional literature, to cooperation with plenty of automobile maintenance services, vertical media in this save a lot of time and cost. 
3, vertical media in traffic entrance to other platforms are also to have certain advantages, the current car home, easily Shared, the Pacific, sohu auto car media has a group of a large number of faithful car lovers on its platform to read information, etc., and most of these car lovers are automobile maintenance market of loyal users and potential users. 
4, automobile maintenance service provided by the vertical media can let the user choose the door maintenance, can also choose to 4 s shop, near the side of the road maintenance stand, etc., the most important is also can support price comparison, so that users can have when choosing consumption more diverse choices. 
But in order to eat the entire auto beauty market, the car industry needs to do the following two things: 
First, the user in the media consumption habits, the home of many users by car, easily Shared, such as vertical media is in order to understand information, and to how to put these potential users into vertical media platform for automobile maintenance of loyal users need to have more efforts on the boot. 
Second, there are a lot of vertical media that are involved in new car trading, second-hand car trading, auto finance, and after-market services. Such benefits, but also a platform for energy, money and so on various aspects of fragmented, especially in the mobile terminal, the vertical media offered by automobile maintenance APP is separated from the original media platform alone, how to effectively integrate resources for vertical media will also be a challenge. 
Ii. Automobile maintenance O2O platform 
Automobile maintenance O2O is the capital of O2O service platform, bo Pai subsidy, car son-in-law, carradine, e maintenance, such as large subsidy treasure to secure and maintain a good car beauty maintenance O2O platform have sprung up, and the crazy chase capital. 
First, this kind of car beauty maintenance platform are mainly using the mobile phone the advantage, especially near the phone positioning search features, can let the consumer through the platform to find the nearest service, thus to make an appointment service, can choose to shop at the same time can also choose to the door. This kind of car maintenance service that can get through online and offline is being welcomed by more and more consumers. 
Second, consumers through the O2O platform can compare price, service and other aspects, so as to be able to select the most suitable for their own services, especially the O2O platform launched by merchants credit evaluation index and consumption for owner choose service providers to provide a certain reference. 
Third, offline to 4 s shop car hairdressing expensive problem is a problem of the most complained about a lot of car owners, while some O2O platform at the same time introduced a maintenance products and auto parts, the user through the online purchase parts offline to store to find a master maintenance can save a lot of costs, such as beauty. 
Liu also believes they face two challenges for the maintenance O2O platform of such vehicles: 
Challenge 1: standardization of services. Every O2O platform providers access to a lot of cars, especially for some door-to-door service, how to ensure that technology, services and so on various aspects can let consumer satisfaction, at present each big O2O platform have not set up a unified standard. 
Challenge 2: operators‘ difficulties. For a O2O platform, through offline merchants can pour through to push more simple and convenient way, but how can we let the platform have more loyal users really is not an easy thing, need a lot of capital to burn money to occupy a certain market share. To some extent, the O2O platform will eventually face difficulties in the whole operation once the market structure is uncertain. 
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