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A comprehensive analysis of major factors and changes in the post-automobile market

Time:2017-07-21 Views:299
According to data released by the ministry of public security, the number of vehicles in the country reached 270 million by the end of June 2014, of which 154 million were cars. Of the 154 million vehicles, there are 15 million agricultural vehicles and 120 million domestic cars, while private cars have more than 95 million vehicles, 13 times more than a decade ago. 
In the first year of China‘s automobile market, we have entered the automobile society. The automobile industry is a pillar industry and also a gold industry. With the increase of car ownership, auto after market blowout growth will occur, thus formed by hundreds of billions of dollars a year after the car market scale, ushered in the auto market after the era of rapid development. 
2013 national auto industry enterprises above designated size complete total industrial output 5.89 trillion yuan, China auto export and import goods total $160.941 billion ($98.5 billion) of import and export of auto parts, auto after market scale in China reached 2 trillion yuan. 
In addition, the production value of automobile maintenance industry in China has reached 450 billion yuan and is increasing by more than 10% annually. At present, China‘s auto parts circulation market size 450 billion, automotive supplies market sold close to 500 billion, annual output value of 500 billion maintenance (about 1% of national GDP), car rental market is in 15 billion yuan, car modification industry output value of nearly 80 billion yuan, the used-car market size of more than 250 billion. In particular a motor vehicle insurance revenue by 2003 yuan in 54 billion growth in 2013 to 478.5 billion yuan, increased by 8.9 times, is expected to be the size of the car insurance market in China in 2020 will reach 1.2 trillion, also become the first in Asia, the world‘s second market. 
Current we face a big era of automobile circulation industry is facing unprecedented challenges, pattern innovation will become the core content of channel change in the future ten years, mainly in four aspects: 
1. Channel sink. With the speeding up of urbanization in China and large and medium-sized cities cars tend to be saturated, auto sales center of gravity sinking has become the trend of The Times, is expected to be three line market of the country in 2020 will increase to 55% share of the market, market could fall to 15%. Many brands plan to set up 2S stores to sell cars in county-level regions by the end of 2015, to a certain extent, who can win the rural market and who can truly win the Chinese market. 
2. Cross-boundary competition. At present, more convenient, more correlation, a more comprehensive business model is formed, the traditional industry, such as transportation, maintenance, auto service industry faces change --, suning, gome, jingdong, Tmall, shop no. 1, such as a batch of electricity, as well as China telecom, unicom, mobile telecom operators and a large number of traditional real estate enterprise, into the car after market to participate in the competition. 
3. Auto distributor. The impact of e-commerce on the market after the traditional car has become the fact that the e-commerce model has become the only way to upgrade the market. Car at network, its car, drive states, steam car ownership, business center, various ge garage, cool distribution network, such as electric business platform arises at the historic moment, taobao, jingdong, gome, suning, vehicles dispatch, easy car in car and after market business, China telecom development of client APP owners butler has been put into operation, China unicom development drives, China mobile, the development of intelligent transportation is also in the debug, at the same time saic group, wanxiang group entities companies such as also in the layout construction electric business platform. 
4. Transformation and upgrading. Future competition must be based on scale, brand, networking, modernization and chaining, I think the domestic auto market should be reference to float subsequently appliances and home chain operation mode, integrated marketing channel resources, build links with the oems, set up like "gome", "suning" brand chain of entity and the combination of e-commerce cloud business management pattern, to further improve and standardize the market. The Napa, the AutoZone, the yellow hat of Japan, the Australian and the Australian, are all the things that we‘re going to do in the future, but we need a lot of things. 
At present, the policy, regulation and information of automobile industry and automobile market in China are constantly introduced, and the circulation channel and marketing mode of automobile will change greatly. Auto 4 s shop, auto city complex, more cars, net market, small supermarket, city hall, 2 s shop supplies automotive special maintenance center, large auto parts market, large used car trade market and channel patterns such as large used car sales group, will enter into a diversified era of high competition. 
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